Draft Budget Calls for Closing Four Texas Colleges

By Paul Bradley
Community College Week

You can forgive community college leaders in Texas if they feel a little like the defenders of the Alamo — under siege, with an uncertain future, trying to survive against long odds.

The first draft of Texas’ state budget, submitted to the state House of Representatives late last month, trained some big guns on the state’s community college system, which is the nation’s second largest, with more than 750,000 students… Read More

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2 Responses to Draft Budget Calls for Closing Four Texas Colleges

  1. cpascal says:

    I think the reason why they want to close these schools is because more and more people are seeing that community college is a much cheaper alternative, and they’d prefer it if everybody went to the more expensive state universities. It’s especially interesting that Brazosport college now offers 4-year degrees. If most community colleges did, it would reduce the enrollment at the state unis. That would not only mean less tuition money coming in, but there also wouldn’t be so much money for rock climbing walls and other non-essentials.

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