Top Issues Not Addressed at Summit

Prior to this week’s Summit on Community Colleges, the White House established a web site asking all interested parties to submit their “thoughts, questions and challenges for discussion as part of the summit dialogue.”  It worked like this: After each submission, contributors would discuss the post, and the posts with the most comments would bubble up to the top of the list.


At the conclusion of the event, the posts with most traction were libraries, followed by adjunct faculty. It appears contributors wanted President Obama and Jill Biden to understand that community college libraries are a necessary partner in educating students, and should be supported. At No. 2, there was outrage by a good number of posters that adjunct faculty were not part of the discussion, considering they compose the majority of community college faculty. Question: If you had the collective ear of President Obama, Jill Biden and other summit speakers, what would you tell them should be done to support community colleges? Let’s start our own “dialogue” and maybe we can get them to listen.

-Tom Halligan

Former editor, Community College Journal, former editor-in-chief, University Business magazine.

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