POV: Shared Governance

Collaborative Governance Depends on Mutual Respect
(This article appeared in the Sept. 6, 2010 edition of Community College Week)

By Dan C. Jones
Professor Emeritus
Wytheville Community College (Virgina)

Now retired after a career of community college service in diverse roles at different colleges, from faculty association president to instructional administrator, I have developed a view of the role of faculty in college governance that reflects my career and experiences. It is a view based on respect for the unique roles and responsibilities of community college faculty and administrators, as well a concern about the failure of both groups in many colleges to genuinely respect each other — the kind of respect that can make true collaborative governance possible in a community college setting… Read More


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1 Response to POV: Shared Governance

  1. Under shared governance topic, use of adjunct instructors is a relevant issue to be discussed between the administration and the academic senates (faculty associations) because this issue directly impacts on quality of transfer courses, on quality of degree programs, and on “institutional planning and budgeting process;” and therefore, representatives of adjunct team should be included within the collaborative mechanism.

    Howard T. Kubota
    Former Associate Professor (California CC)

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