‘Road Scholar’

‘Road Scholar’s’ Odyssey
(Excerpt from an AP story published in the Aug. 23 edition of Community College Week)

You might call Kerry Anderson a “road scholar” with a unique view of education. Anderson’s first learning venture came in her mom’s big rig, where she was home-schooled while crisscrossing America. She continued her education at Valencia Community College, where her character and drive dazzled everyone and led to honors and the role of graduation speaker in 2007. Now the 26-year-old can say she has viewed the world from the ivy-covered environs of Harvard University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in government from Harvard a few weeks ago after winning a full scholarship that seemed to come out of nowhere…Read More

Share your opinion of this story with us:
1: Have you had a student with similar experiences?
2: Do home-schooled students have advantages over their traditionally-educated peers?
3. Should Ivy League schools admit more community college transfers?


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One Response to ‘Road Scholar’

  1. Irina Del Genio says:

    Should Ivy League schools admit more community college transfers? – Absolutely! Those kids are most deserving, but so often overlooked. For them Ivy League is something that they consider beyond reach and don’t even apply. Kudos to Harvard for recruiting Kerry Anderson. Students like her bring so much to the table in terms of diversity, knowledge of a real life, down to earth attitude, and hard work!

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